Allergic Rhinitis - Symptoms, Causes, Prevention & Homeopathic treatment

allergic rhinitis and homeopathy

Have you been sneezing very often this summer?

Do you have itching in the nose , roof of mouth and eyes?

Are you getting a watery discharge from your nose?

If yes then there are good chances that you have Allergic rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis refers to an allergic condition that occurs in the upper respiratory tract and also in the conjunctiva of the eyes. This is usually a harmless condition but can throw one’s life out of gear. Most of the people who suffer from its seasonal form, have recurrent episode in late spring, summers and fall.

Allergy is nothing but an exaggerated response of the body to certain external or internal agents, whereby the body reacts in the form of symptoms such as itching, running of the nose, wheezing, inflammation, swelling, skin rash, etc. All the symptoms above are simply expressions of an allergic process.
One may be allergic to anything under the sun….Including the Sun.


People who suffer from allergic rhinitis usually have these following symptoms-

  1) Sneezing , which may occur any time and can occur in bouts ; where one may  even have 20-30 sneezes in a row . Morning sneezes are very common in those suffer from allergic rhinitis. Such sneezing episodes may occur as early as one wakes up.

2) Runny nose – sneezing is accompanied by profuse watery discharge from the nose. Along with other symptoms one may also have same king of watery discharge from eyes.

3) Itching in the eyes, nose and the roof of the mouth – itching in the nose roof of moth and eyes are very common symptoms in allergic rhinitis.

4)Most patients complain of a “crawling” sensation in the nose and the roof of the mouth.

5) Some patients may even suffer from breathing difficulty if the attack gets serious. This kind of breathing difficulty is usually noted in spring weather during wheat harvest season.

6) Fever may also be present in some individuals during a severe attack of allergic rhinitis.


Homeopathy provides effective treatment for various allergic disorders. Misconceptions about the remarkable benefits of homeopathy have, for a significant period, led to the belief that allergic conditions are incurable. Respiratory allergies, asthma, skin allergies, pollen allergies, recurring colds, childhood asthma, and many more can be successfully treated with carefully tailored homeopathic approaches.


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